• Let's Party Neon Sign
CUSTOM NEON SIGN: Our neon sign is custom-made with flexible silicone tubes containing LED lights. It is lightweight, durable, and safe, providing no heat, noise, and being eco-friendly.
BACKING: The default backing is transparent acrylic, which is 5mm thick. There is an option for colored or black backing at an additional cost.
LED NEON JACKET: You can choose between a white jacket (displaying white light when turned on) or a colored jacket (displaying colored light when turned on).
VOLTAGE: The default voltage is 12V, and the sign comes with a transformer compatible with the country of your choice.
CABLE LENGTH: The transparent cable connected to the LED sign is approximately 2m long. The A/C power cord connected to the transformer is approximately 1.5m long.
PLUG: The sign is available with plugs compatible with EU, UK, AU, or US electrical outlets.
DIMMER: There is an optional dimmer available at an additional cost, but please note that the battery for the dimmer is not included.
WARRANTY: The neon sign comes with a 1-year warranty.